June 27, 2001 (2nd of 2): Dispatches
by Brad & Tony
On Their Trip Across America

Kansas City, Missouri

We drove 650 miles today to the home of my old friend Tim Jennings and his wife Karen and 8-year-old daughter Emily who makes me miss my Sarah.

I'm pooped, capital pooped. Tomorrow a short 4-hour drive to St. Louis and Principia, where I went to school.

Moments ago I received a phone call from Trudy Marin, the woman who called last year with the offer of a free eye exam, which led to the new eye Tony's so casually wearing these days. Trudy was raised a Seventh Day Adventist, and it looks like she's located the missionary Mark who saved Tony's life! We'll see what can be done about getting them together.

And tonight, having checked email for first time since SF, I find an invite from a White House press corps member to watch 4th of July fireworks on the White House lawn (not with the President).


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