July 1, 2001: Dispatches
by Brad & Tony
On Their Trip Across America

A New York City Kinko's with stupid music in the background -- 30 cents a minute

Tony and I just stopped in to check email. Tony had nine messages. I had more -- sorry if I didn't get to yours.

The big news is that Marc and Anna Scalzi, the missionaries Tony knew in the Philippines, are coming to SF. Michael Pace of the Monticello Inn at 127 Ellis (and of course the indefatigable Trudy Marin) have both offered to put them up, and my brother Grant, who lives in Tokyo, has graciously offered 50,000 frequent-flier miles to make the trip happen. Tony's cousin Leo might also come up from LA for the bonfire at Ocean Beach on Tony's last night in America. We have VIP seats to the Giants game the afternoon of the 8th -- and Tony has a late flight out to Manila. The White House lawn isn't happening after all -- the Bush administration is having a different policy (no journalist passes, no journalist friends) than the Clinton administration -- the very kind woman who made the offer was chagrined that she had to retract it, but I'm sure it'll turn out perfectly. The only thing that has not turned out perfectly on this trip was our arrival in NY -- we went less than half a mile in an hour and a half at the toll booth for the Holland Tunnel (we started calling it the Hah-hah-hah-land Tunnel -- as in "the joke's on you"). It does seem that the famous New Yorker magazine cover of the US is accurate -- NY seems so much bigger and meatier than anything. We zipped across the US like we owned the place, and then they made us stop to feel small and insignificant before they let us in to New York City.

But my 25-year-old niece Amy and her husband Steve took some of the hurt away, buying Tony and me Tandoori Chicken (not up to the New Delhi Restaurant standard set in SF -- we'll definitely eat there on our return).

All Things Considered is coming to have lunch with Tony and me and my mom and sister at my mom's house in Alexandria, VA on July 5, and that segment will air on either Saturday, July 7 or Sunday, July 8, probably between 5 pm and 6 pm on your local NPR station. Should be fun!

I'll try to write more later at zero cents a minute.

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