"Newsham is a nimble writer… "Take Me With You" is no less than a page turner of a travel memoir."

— Allene Symons –

"Unfailingly arresting and provocative…"

San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, September 3, 2000

"Brad Newsham is precisely the kind of traveler one might hope to encounter in a jungle or on a trek or on the crowded streets of Calcutta"

San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, October 6, 2000

"Newsham fashions a terrific travelog. He is a wonderful guide: observant, curious, witty without being clownish, open-minded without being gullible. He needed all those qualities to produce this engaging book... His writing is both economical and generous. There are few wasted words, yet Newsham offers and abundance of color and telling detail."

— David Armstrong, San Francisco Examiner Travel Section, October 8, 2000



"Newsham brings to his journeys a warm sense of humor, a keen eye for observing detail and an unjudgmental openness to people... This is a travel book with a difference—a generous impulse at its core."

— Barbara Sloane, The Montclarion, October 24, 2000

"It's been more than 10 years since Brad Newsham's earlier book, "All the Right Places," charmed readers, and it was beginning to look as though we'd never hear another word from the affable and talented writer. But he returns… (and) his book is a trip worth taking."

— Donna Marchetti, Trips Magazine, December, 2000

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